Brief History of the Barangay

In 1976, the Ilocano speaking 3251 citizens of Barrio Quezon have reasons to have a four-day merriment, rejoicing and reunion with friends and public officials because they have reaped abundant yield in the second crop harvest season. And above all, the net proceeds of the fiesta are enough to improve the barrio plaza.

As the first day celebration falls on the birthday of the late President of the Philippine Commonwealth, MANUEL L. QUEZON, the folks cannot help remembering also the local hero in this forested area named Don Tomas Castillo.

Apo Tomas, as he known and fondly called by the Ilocano immigrants who arrived on foot from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte by following the Villaverde trail, was said to have extra ordinary strength and power. He droved the warring Ifugao’s toward the mountains in the west. He left this place and told the settlers to till their shared parcels of land.

He went to Barrio Wacal at the foot of the mountains so as the guard his fellow Ilocano’s from the intermittent attacks to the Ifugao’s. At one time, when an Ifugao stole an eggplant near his backyard, the Ifugao was not too able to remove his hold at the eggplants. He bit him with his cane and the thief was freed from spiritual spell. The Ifugao narrated this fell Ifugao’s in thus mountains then in bunch, they came down in speaks and bolo’s who kill Tomas Castillo. He saw them approaching. He shouted on top of his voice and the advancing Ifugao’s cannot move he did not kill them. He only told that they should not bother the Christians anymore who were taught to pray the memory of the Dominican Friars.

  • Patronal Fiesta/ Foundation Day- AUGUST 19


Luis A. Castillo- Punong Barangay
Barangay Kagawads
1. Richard Ramos
2. Marilyn Sultan
3. Edwin Mendoza
4. Fermina Marcos
5. Romeo Domincel
6. Eddie Viernes
7. Anastacio Ang Jr.
8. Jerkean Lei Marcos- SK Chairman
9. Caroline Tamayao- Barangay Secretary
10. Jennifer Gaco- Barangay Treasurer