Brief History of Barangay Aggub

(Original (Ilocano) written by:  Paterno O. Ojastro (May 27, 1978) English version (translated by:  Mr. Verano, MLGCD, Provincial Office 1979) With some revision (amendment/addendum) by: Feliciano P. Tiburcio, Barangay Secretary (08-14-02) With revisions, amendments & addendum by; Juanito B. Granada, Acting Brgy Sec. (March 2016) ***

Solano, which was then called “Lumabang” was organized in the year 1767 by a missionary called Fr. Alejandro Vidal and became a barrio of Bayombong in the year 1850.  The place was then dense forested area, which was occupied by wild Ifugaos tribe headed by King Aggoc.  It was even called “THE PLACE OF DEATH’ because of numerous Ilocanos beheaded by this tribe. 

A certain Pedro Castillo, an Ilocano, was the first Christian to set forth in this place.  In 1853 migrants from Ilocos Norte, lured by Diego Lumicao, which was includes the families of Aggasid, Bueno, Mina, Padre, Monisalvas, Acosta and others came to settle in this place. 

In 1863, a bloody battle between the Ifugao tribe and the Ilocanos. Through the assistance given by Governor Torcuato Maddela, an Ilocano.  King Aggoc was killed and the remains of his tribe were thrown out of the place.  Since then, became a barrio with Tucal and Lactawan as its Sitios. 

Sometime in 1900, during the American Period in the Philippines, a U. S. Cavalry on patrol dropped by and came upon a couple cooking rice.  The rice being cooked by the couple smell like that of old stock rice and when the Americans asked about the smell – the couple answered – “na agob ngamin ti bagas Apo” which means that the rice being cooked was an old stock and has certain smell in it.  The American repeated the word “AGOB” and since then the barrio was Christened AGGUB, which also symbolized most of the families who came to settle in this barrio:  Agg for Aggasid, U for Urbano and B for Bueno.

Since then, Aggub had been a Barrio of the town of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

Residents of Aggub had taken turns in serving as Tenyente Del Barrio and Barangay Captain since then, to name a few:

  • Tenyente Del Barrio:

Nicolas Manuel

Eusebio Bueno

Pedro Mina

Fortunato Galapon

Alejo Reotatar               

  • Barangay Captain

Eusebio Bueno

Feliciano Tolentino

Benjamin Padre

Feliciano Tolentino

List of Barangay Officials


DOMINGO M. LOPEZ Punong Barangay
MAR M. TORRES Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad Chairman, Committee on Peace and Order
LANI O. MINA Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad Chairman, Committee on Barangay Affairs
GINA A. CARAMAT Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad Chairman, Committee on Health and Sanitation
LEONORA L. DAMASO Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad Chairman, Committee on Education
WALTER JAY E. DOMRIQUE Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad Chairman, Committee on Rules
JUANITO B. GRANADA Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad Chairman, Committee on Appreciation Chairman, Committee on Child, Elderly, Women and Social Services
FELIX G. TOLENTINO JR. Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad Chairman, Committee on Infrastructure
DEN M. RIVERA SK Chairman Chairman, Committee on Youth Sports Development
MELENDRINA S. ILASIN Barangay Secretary
JESUSA C. MENDOZA Barangay Treasurer

Development Thrust






“Barangay Aggub, as one of the premier producer of quality farm and forest products in the municipality of Solano Propelled by a Christ-centered, committed and empowered citizenry

Who lived in a peaceful and balance environment with a progressive and sustainable economy governed by a firm and transparent leadership”



The Local Government unit of Barangay Aggub commits and dedicate itself to:

  1. Enhance, provide and deliver the best quality of social services and facilities attuned to the needs of the constituents with dedication, holistic approach and Christian concern;
  2. Strengthen and develop economic services and facilities;
  3. Promote and encourage the participation of the residents of Aggub in running the affairs of the Barangay; and
  4. Strengthen Barangay governance.