Brief History of Barangay Bagahabag

Generation of the past that laid down the foundation of Barangay Bagahabag provide us a colorful information that long before it was conceived into a barangay the early settlers wear “BAHAG” as it was the costumary clothes of the natives (igaddang) during the time, a heritage which today acclaimed and considered a priceless wealth bequeathed to us by our ancestors.

Supplementally, from the tongue of our forefathers it was learned that primordially the place abounded with trees that is called BAGBAG – a tree species characterized by millions of prickly thorns in its bark from trunk to twigs and bear fiery – red large flower once a year emblematizing fervor of love and courage creating further intensity of feeling leading a dauntless Ilongot gent from the warrior tribe bound to marry, and in compliance with a pagan rule to hunt down and behead a Christian which head shall be presented as a part of the wedding feast as a test of his passionate love to his inamorata and fearlessness.

However, time has changed this tradition as this paganic culture was transformed by gradual civilization in as much as Ilongot tribesmen who influenced the Igaddang lowlanders migrated to the Sierra Madre mountains until they reached upper Dupax (now also called Alfonso Castaneda) which composed of a Conglomeration of the Isinai tribesmen and Ilongots now called Bungkalots.

BAGAHABAG is correctly and truly pronounced as BAGABHAG wherein the accent lies over the last syllable.

BARANGAY BAGAHABAG, is composed of five (5) sitios, Sitio Bagahabag, Bugnay, Daruyag, Llongong, and Magarang, but we are now change into Purok 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Corollary to this activity the Municipal government headed by Hon. Epifanio D. Galima, Jr. Municipal Mayor of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya and member of the S.B. members of Solano in coordination with the provincial Government headed by the late Governor Patricio G. Dumlao of Nueva Vizcaya and their S.P. members passed a resolution and enacted into an ordinance of law declaring Barangay Bagahabag into a Barangay and it was endorsed to the COMELEC CENTRAL OFFICE (Manila) requesting for a plebiscite until Bagahabag was separated from Barangay Quirino.

  • Patronal Fiesta/Foundation Day:         Every 22nd day of April

List of Barangay Officials


Hon. Eduardo A. Bangad Sr. Punong Barangay P7. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0926-517-9208
Hon. Jimmy A. Paasa Kagawad P3. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0997-314-5768
Hon. Franklin C. Taborda Kagawad P5. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0916-169-6534
Hon. Larry S. Patani Kagawad P5. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0975-270-1035
Hon. Caroline D. Gaco Kagawad P5. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0936-173-7570
Hon. Vicente A. Matterig Kagawad P7. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0955-129-5176
Hon. Erwin L. Dacanay Kagawad P6. Brgy. Bagahabag,S.N.V 0905-220-9035
Hon. Rommel B. Callanga Kagawad P7. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0935-756-5827
April Pearl M. Callanga SK Chairman P7.Brgy.Bagahabag S.N.V 0975-225-3045
Amy D. Dacumos Secretary P6. Brgy. BagahabagS.N.V 0945-138-9174
Cherrie Jinkee D. Amoslo Treasurer P5. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0935-497-8929
Geraline T. Natura Barangay Record Keeper P1. Brgy. Bagahabag S.N.V 0935-023-7933

Development Thrust



We envision that Barangay Bagahabag is the primary producer of high quality vegetable product with a god fearing peaceful and Law abiding citizens enjoying quality education, uplifting health facilities through a clean and green environment and better responsive and competent Barangay governance.



  • Model Community
  • Quality Education
  • Economic Stability
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Upliftment