Brief History of Barangay Bangaan

During the Second World War II, Barangay Bangaan was still a sitio of Barangay Wacal. It was still a forest area, however: there were already people living in the said area. The enemies, the Japanese soldiers decided to attack, so they immediately left the place. However, some of their belongings mostly cooking jars called “BANGA” were left behind.

When elements of the imperial army arrived in the place, they only found these cooking jars called “BANGA” later the raiding team was then called by their superiors asked the name of the raiding team was then called by their superiors, the superiors asked the name of the raided and the raiding team allegedly answered “BANGAAN” after having seen the numerous cooking jars which they called “BANGA”.

Since then, the place was called “BANGAAN”. The people who left the place went back just the same to the place and more people immigrated to the place. The separation of the sitio from mother Barangay Wacal was initiated by the residents led by one, Mr. Teofilo Bolusan Sr.

Barangay Bangaan Officials

Name and Designation Barangay Profile Picture Committee
HON. ISIDRO B. PRADO Punong Barangay
HON. MARIANITO A. BACUD Barangay Kagawad Committee on Infrastructure
HON. SONNY G. BACUD Barangay Kagawad Committee on Peace and Order
HON. ROBERTO C. GODOY Barangay Kagawad Committee on Health
HON. ROBERT G. REBUTA Barangay Kagawad Committee on Education
HON. DIONISIO O. EVANGELISTA Barangay Kagawad Committee on Appropriation
HON. JONATHAN D. COSTALES Barangay Kagawad Committee on Agriculture
HON. ROGER G. DACUSIN Barangay Kagawad Committee on Environment
DANILO M. BONGAT Barangay Treasurer  
CYNTHIA L. DACUSIN Barangay Secretary  
LADYLYN V. SAPON Barangay Record Keeper