Brief History of Barangay Concepcion

The name Barangay Concepcion was coined from jamboree site which was called Camp Concepcion in honor of the wife the late Governor Osias Cadiente named Concepcion. It was also adopted from its patron Saint Immaculate Concepcion.

Before it was created into full-fledge barangay, Barangay Concepcion was originally called Sitio Calalabangan which was under the jurisdiction of barangay Bascaran. It was created thru sitio council resolution-petition #9. s 1978 that sitio Calalabangan be separated as independent barangay of Solano to be called barangay San Jose but then the council found out that the name was inappropriate so they decided to amend the previous resolution thru Resolution #1s. 1979 to be called Barangay Concepcion which was duly approved by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution #4 s. of 1979 dated February 16, 1979.

At present, barangay Concepcion consists of 4 puroks still longing names.

From that time that Concepcion became a sitio and a barangay, record show that there were already eight (8) personalities who have served as head of a place, to wit:

Dionisio Saldivar 1978-1979, Sitio Leader/Barrio captain
Pedro Algeria 1979-1990, the first elected Barangay Captain when became a full-fledged barangay.
Lydia M. Algeria 1990-1991, Elected Barangay Captain
Nicomedes Santiago 1992-1994, Became a Punong Barangay through succession when Barangay Captain Lydia Algeria and her family emigrated in Japan.
Rogelio Galapon 1994-1997, Elected Punong Barangay
Rodolfo C. Lacar 1997-2002, Elected Punong Barangay
Florante G. Dela Cruz 2002-2013, Elected Punong Barangay
Jenny G. Marquez 2013-present, Elected Punong Barangay

During the term of Barrio Captain Dionisio Saldivar that Barangay Concepcion became a full-pledge barangay when a BLISS housing project was implemented by the Bureau of Human Settlement in 1979 which were intended for the poor families. From that time on, a number of indigent residents started to blow. Another housing project (Core Shelter Project) was implemented during the reign of Barangay Captain Lydia M. Algeria which was located at Purok 2 which was likewise intended for the poor families. These are the reasons why majority (almost 100 %) of the residents is classified as indigents.

            It was during the first term of Punong Barangay Florante G. Dela Cruz that the BLISS lots were titled including the barangay lot where we can find the Barangay Multi-Purpose Hall, Day Care Center, Health Center, Barangay Stage and the Basketball Court.

            During the term of Punong Barangay Jenny Marquez, a lot of improvement had seen in the barangay.  The provincial road was almost completely concreted; the barangay roads were being partially concreted, even the Multi-purpose hall was very pleasant to visitors because of its improvement in and out. During that time, Barangay Concepcion started to be known within the Municipality of Solano through the initiative and accomplishments done by the said administration.

            On the year 2018, the Lot Title of the barangay was already transferred to Barangay Concepcion through the initiative of the current administration headed by Punong Barangay Jenny Marquez.

List of Barangay Officials

JENNY G. MARQUEZ Punong Barangay 0927-464-6243
GLENDA G. VALDEZ Barangay Kagawad 0926-330-2278
ROLLY C. GOMEZ Barangay Kagawad 0926-662-5150
CESAR C. ABON Barangay Kagawad 0956-937-8304
NELIA O. TIN Barangay Kagawad 0936-391-2009
RUBYLYN B. SERQUIÑA Barangay Kagawad 0935-302-8538
RANDY D. FERIA Barangay Kagawad 0926-330-3414
MARCELINO V. ACOSTA Barangay Kagawad 0926-572-8337
PAULO B. GOMEZ SK Chairman 0936-806-8748
CLARISSA F. ANDRADA Barangay Secretary 0936-450-5525
LAURENA C. TADEO Barangay Treasurer 0906-769-4256

List of Barangay Staff

CHARLENE KATE G. TEAÑO Brgy. Bookkeeper 0955-879-3659
SUSANA C. SANTIAGO Child Dev’t. Worker 0997-581-2125
ELIZABETH T. ALONZO Brgy. Nutrition Worker 0926-588-8608
MERCY G. LACERNA Brgy. Health Worker 0926-307-8272
TESSIE S. OLIVER Brgy. Health Worker 0995-706-9877