Brief History of Barangay Curifang

Barangay Curifang – familiarly known as “Sinafal” was given its official name in 1968 by a virtue of a Barrio Resolution changing the name “SINAFAL” to “CURIFANG”.

Sinafal came from the Gaddang words: “SINAY ANA TAFAL” which means “in that place, there are a lot of gabi”. On the other hand, Curifang got its name from the word “CURIPENG” which is a kind of tree that abounds in the hills of this barrio.

Later in 1935, the first inhabitants of Curifang were Gaddangs and Ifugaos. Later in 1960, a certain Mr. Lumicao who went to Ilocos Norte to gather Ilocano immigrants from Ilocos and Pangasinan settled for good in this fertile spot beside the mighty Magat River. They cleaned the forest turned into productive farms.

The population increased with the arrival of other migrating groups like Tagalogs, Visayans, Pampangueños and Bicolanos who were allured in the logging industry.

The last wave of immigrants were the Igorots. Census of 1975 shows that Curifang can boast 1,637 residents. Today, Curifang is one of the progressive barangays in Solano. A big elementary school and rich agricultural lands contribute to the progress and prosperity in Curifang.

The economic and educational development of Barangay Curifang is attributed to the cooperation and of the people particularly the different civic religious groups, the teaching force and through the strong leadership of the Barangay Officials


Brief Profile of the Barangay

Barangay Curifang is more or less 3 kilometers away from the Poblacion. It is situated by 1.5 kilometer from the Magat River. It is bounded by the following: North bound is Barangay Bascaran, South bound is Bagahabag, East bound is Barangay Dadap and West bound is Barangay Roxas. It consists of seven puroks. It has a total population of 4,068 which consist of 983 households. The male population is 1,969 while the female population is 2,099. Majority of the population are Tagalogs, Ilocanos and ¼ of the minorities. Eleven religious groups are within the locality, Roman Catholics are predominant and 60% of the populace.

Primarily, Barangay Curifang is an agricultural area with the total rice field area of 703 hectares and corn field area of 32.95 hectares. Thus, the agriculture is the source of income of the inhabitants (rice, corn and vegetables). Majority of the inhabitants are on the labor force (professionals, sales clerks, construction, service providers, establishment workers and OFW’s). On the unemployment sector, most of them are engaged into farm service providers and delivery of parcels from online selling. Numerous establishments had been put up like water stations, cakes and pastries, rolling stores and eateries are the livelihood of the constituents.

There are 6 malnourished and underweight children of the barangay but on ongoing rehabilitation. One of the most common concern is the installation of portable water is as much that 4 puroks are situated at the hills portion of barangay.

The school is one of the landmarks and is considered as information ground for young people and of the best school within the district with good facility and equipped teachers.

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology is within our territorial jurisdiction likewise we have two cemeteries, the municipal cemetery and memorial park.

On infrastructure sector, road networks are 70% concreted. Structural facilities to cater basic services are established by barangay covered court as isolation and evacuation center and to daycare center and health center. Within the barangay hall offices of the Katarungang Pambarangay, VAWC desk, and Senior Citizen’s Office.

On peace and order regular foot patrol and strict implementation of ordinances and policies. Thus, minor offences are being encountered.

Generally, Barangay Curifang is a peaceful community.

List of Barangay Officials

Name and Designation Profile Picture Committee
DOROTEA S. GUILLERMO – Punong Barangay  
ELMER Z. LINGAYU – Barangay Kagawad  
MANOLO A. REYES JR. – Barangay Kagawad  
PATRICK Z. BOADO – Barangay Kagawad  
EDWIN G. BOLANTE – Barangay Kagawad  
RONNIE R. RASPADO – Barangay Kagawad  
ARIEL P. PADILLA – Barangay Kagawad  
GLENN P. YARCIA – Barangay Kagawad  
EVELYN L. BAYLE – Barangay Secretary  
JEANALYN A. GALASINAO – Barangay Treasurer  
VIANNEY A. SANTOS – Barangay Record Keeper  

Development Thrust


“BARANGAY CURIFANG – “A primary producer of rice cakes (“bibingka”), espasol and cassava cake is a God – loving, healthy, empowered and self – reliant citizenry who lives in an environment-friendly community, under righteous, just and dedicated leadership”.



“To have a better quality of life and peaceful Barangay”.