Brief History of Barangay Lactawan

According to the old folks, Lactawan originated from the Ilocano word (Lactaw) which means to across over. The first creek you have to cross is found in the Barangay San Luis which is at the southern part of Lactawan. Before Barangay San Luis was a Sitio of Lactawan. On the eastern part of Lactawan is Aggub. Before going to Aggub you have to cross also a creek. On the northern part of Lactawan is the Municipality of Villaverde you have to cross again a creek. On the western part of Lactawan is Barangay Uddiawan. If you go to this Barangay, you have to cross also a creek, Because of the many creeks that you have to cross in entering Lactawan; the place was named Lactawan originating from the word (LACTAW).

Before, Lactawan had only thirty head of families. It was headed by the late Pedro Cruz who was appointed Tinyente Del Barrio. He was succeeded by the late Mariano Vicente who was elected by the people. Mariano Vicente was the first Barangay captain of Lactawan, who was succeeded by many other leaders. At present Lactawan is headed by Barangay Captain Elmer M. Dalimot. Through the cooperative efforts of the Barangay Council and concerned citizens, Lactawan is now moving forward for progress.


AREA: 2,350,255 SQ.M.

BARANGAY TIN NO: 004-056-966


List of Barangay Officials


HON. ELMER M. DALIMOT Punong Barangay
HON. HECTOR F. BUNGUBUNG, JR. Barangay Kagawad
HON. SHERWIN E. VICENTE Barangay Kagawad
HON. ROCELIA T. STA. MARIA Barangay Kagawad
HON. MERCY M. AGGASID Barangay Kagawad
HON. JERRY N. GAMBOL Barangay Kagawad
HON. EDDIE A. APAGA Barangay Kagawad
HON. RAYMOND N. SANTOS Barangay Kagawad
HON. ISRAEL G. GARCIA Barangay Kagawad
MRS. LEILANI G. CABANGON Barangay Secretary
MRS. OFELIA P. DAGUIO Barangay Treasurer