Brief History of Barangay Quirino

This BARANGAY was created by virtue of R.A. 3590 of 1950 otherwise known as the “BARRIO CHARTER.” It’s former name was then DISTRICT 4, comprising Barrio Sinafal, Barrio Maddiangat of Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya. Barangays Poblacion South and Bagahabag was part of District 4. In 1972, after the PROCLAMATION OF MARTIAL LAW by then PRESIDENT FERDINAND E. MARCOS, Barrios were changed to BARANGAYS, hence, the name BARANGAY QUIRINO. It was named in honor of the late President ELPIDIO QUIRINO, famous for his socio-economic measures. Today, Barangay Quirino proved to be the most progressive and thickly populated Barangay in the Municipality of Solano.

In the mid of 1970, HON, EDWIN L, CARABBACAN, SR, was elected as the first Barrio Lieutenant or Tinyente del Barrio and during his term, there was a decree that the position Barangay Lieutenant was changed into Barangay Captain and he was the first Barangay Captain elected and during the next election. HON. VICENTE LAGAPA was elected but he did not finish his term because he went to the United States of America, that, he was succeeded by HON. DOMINGO B. TAMANI as Barangay Captain.

In 1982, HON. DOMINGO B. TAMANI elected Barangay Captain and held the position up to 1988 until he ran for the Municipal Councilor during the National and Local Elections and HON. FRED DELA CRUZ being the senior Barangay Councilor succeeded him.

In 1989 a Barangay Election was held that whoever gets the highest number of votes will hold the position as Barangay Captain and HON, EFREN C, PERALTA was then elected. With his initiative, he pushed on to renovate Quirino Day Care Center and Everlasting Day Care Center and worked for the acquisition of the Barangay Lot with an area of more or less 200 square meters with the help by then Municipal Mayor, HON. EPIFANIO LD. GALIMA, JR.

In 1990, HON. EFREN C. PERALTA and members of the Barangay Council passed a Resolution requesting the HON. CARLOS M. PADILLA, then Congressman Lone District of Nueva Vizcaya for the construction of the Barangay Multi-Purpose Hall and was erected on the acquired lot.

In 1991, the Barangay Nursery was established and the installation of the Barangay Street Lights, Street Names, Mini Posts along the streets and the Welcome Ark at the entrance of Burgos Street was constructed.

In 1994, HON. EFREN C, PERALTA, through good performance, was re- elected on his position as the Punong Barangay.

In 1997 Barangay Elections, HON. EFREN C. PERALTA lost the position to HON. SIDIOC G. UY. And during his term through the managerial assistance by then the Municipal Mayor HON. EPIFANIO LD. GALIMA, JR., Barangay Quirino was able to purchase a Mini Dump Truck through the Financial Program of the Land Bank of the Philippines, Solano Branch, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. On those years, since the Municipality of Solano is a growing Municipality, Barangay Quirino is participating through the use of the Mini Dump Truck in the Garbage Collection within the Barangay in support for the Nationwide Solid Waste Management.

In 2002 Barangay Elections, the Punong Barangay, HON. SIDIOC G. UY lost the position to the former Punong Barangay, HON. EFREN C. PERALTA. And during the 2002-2008 term and up to this date, the administration of HON. EFREN C. PERALTA and through the support of the Barangay Council Members passed a resolution by then Congressman of the Lone District of Nueva Vizcaya, HON. CARLOS M. PADILLA for the construction of the two storey Barangay Multi-Purpose Hall. And on April 2004, the construction of the Phase I of said building was started and the Old Building was demolished. And the Phase II and II of the construction was donated by the Provincial Government during the Administration of HON. LUISA LLOREN CUARESMA, Congressman elect, HON. RODOLFO Q. AGBAYANI and Farmers’ Party List, BUTIL Representative, HON. LEONILA CHAVEZ and then Municipal Mayor, HON. SANTIAGO O. DICKSON.

During this term, a Non-Government Organization, Court No. 13 of the Amaranth of Nueva Vizcaya donated some Carpentry Tools and extended Financial Assistance for the renovation of the Purok Everlasting Day Care at the end of Mabini Street, Barangay Quirino, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

Medical-Dental Missions, Anti Rabies Vaccinations within the jurisdiction of the Barangay were extended by the Nueva Vizcaya Lodge No. 144 and the No. 13 of the Amaranth and with the cooperation of the Provincial Veterinary Office and the Municipal Local Government Unit.

During these periods through the moral support and initiative of the Barangay Council Members and Financial Assistance of HON. CARLOS M. PADILLA, Congressman of the Lone District of Nueva Vizcaya, Provincial Government tinder the Administration of the Provincial Governor, HON. LUISA LLOREN CUARESMA and Vice Governor, HON. JOSE GAMBITO, the Municipal Mayor, HON. PHILIP A. DACAYO and the Municipal Vice Mayor, HON. ALEXANDER R. LABASAN and the Municipal Council Members, the following Peoples Projects are being implemented: continuation of the construction of three storey Barangay Multi-Purpose Hall – Phase IV to V, Multi-Purpose Pavements, concreting of Municipal and Barangay Roads, Livelihood Programs for women’s Group, Maraggay Bridge to Carub Subdivision, Dredging of Canals, Canal Lining ‘with Cover, rehabilitation and installation of Street Lights, rehabilitation of the Health Center, rehabilitation of Waiting Sheds, rehabilitation and construction of Fire Hydrants, probation of Purok Reading Centers and many others.

Behind these Peoples’ Projects, we would like to thank the Almighty God’ who guides and leads us to this progressive Barangay of Quirino, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.


Legal Basis of Creation

Created by Virtue of R.A. 3590 of 1950


Date of Creation



Date of Fiesta

Every 18th to 30th of November