Brief History of Barangay Roxas

In 1940, Barangay Roxas was originally called District 3. It was headed by a Tenyente del Barrio, the late Honorable Severo Tamani Labog who served until World War II ended.

The ricefields located on the eastern part of the barangay where farmers appointed dam officers in order to develop and sustain the needs of the people to a productive palay producer in the whole country measured more or less 1, 599.93 hectares. It is the biggest among the twenty-two (22) barangays in the Municipality of Solano, the highest funded Internal Revenue Allocation (IRA) from the National Government consisting of more or less 10,000 population in the year 2006 with different tribes residing such as: Gaddangs, Tagalogs, Ilocanos, Ifugaos, Igorots, etc. In 1967, during the administration of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, through the local Government Code, it was renamed by former President Manuel Roxas to Barangay Roxas with its municipal official assigned as Consejal or Municipal Councilor the late Honorable Potenciano Paritang Lannu. He amended Cementerio Street to now Magsaysay Street (adopted from former President Ramon Magsaysay.

In 1994, during the administration of Barangay Captain Jose Tamani Gonzales and his councilors, Seven Puroks were created and named from the popular trees in the Philippines, such as, Narra, Banaba, Acacia, Tanguile, Almaciga, Pines and Mahogany with Purok leaders as officers were respectively elected by the purok constituents who worked cooperatively with the Barangay Officials. The lot where Barangay Roxas Hall was erected was unselfishly donated by the undefeated Mayor of Solano, Honorable Heraldo Dagdag Dacayo and his wife Luzally Agraan Dacayo, adjacent from their family home. Other titled lots situated at Sitio Silap and Magarang were donated to the barangay by Engr. Nicomedes Arreola and Mr. Claudio Castillo with the conformity of their families.

Barangay Roxas was awarded the Hall of Fame Model Barangay in the year 2002-2004 Regional Level. Included in the vicinity of Barangay Roxas are the New Municipal Hall, Bureau of Fishery and cemetery which garnered which received numerous awards such as the “Cleanest and Greenest” in Region 2. Based on people empowerment through literacy and community development, the lot where Solano East Central School stands, formerly Gabaldon Elementary School with heartfelt gratitude extended, was donated by the ancestors of Lannu, Aliac, Tamani, and Manat families and was formally turned over to the school staff on February 19, 2007.


Legal Basis of Creation

Presidential Decree 1973


Date of Creation



Date of Fiesta

21st -23rd of March