Brief History of Barangay San Juan

In the year 1920, or before this year, Cagayan Valley was known for its rich vast land. There were forest lands which can be suited for farming and growing vegetables where people would get their living. Many industrious Ilocano Folks thought that it would their only source of living up to the generation.

Since many people fluctuated in the Northern Provinces and their land wouldn’t be extended. They taught of transferring to the rich land and try to adventure.

The people who transferred to this land was headed by the late Juan Gasmin. His Companions were the following: Pedro Responso, Juan Jose, Florentino Velasquez, Simeon Basa, Victor Ventura, Antonio Gasmin, Candido Domingo, Mateo Camungao, Basilio Daguio, Hipolito Vicente, Felix Bernardino, Emeterio Vicente, Felix Florentino, Juan Pacay, Fontino Rivera, Nicolas Betente, Sylvestre Paas, Tomas Aggasid, Tomas Martin, Urbano Serquina and Mauro Paringit. Many of them were Piddig Folks, that’s why they called this place “SITIO CAPIDDIGAN”.

Year passed by, they were able to build a chapel through their devotion as a member of the Iglesia Katolika Independiente. The priest before was the late Father Ermito Evangelista from the town of Solano.

After a few years they were able to finish their irrigation canals flowing to their farms. This project was headed by the late Juan Gasmin. There were many projects also intiated by him that benifited the people, that’s why they wanted to give him due honor and respect. As the gesture of their thanks they thought of changing Sitio Capiddigan into Juan Gasmin in honor of him which was initiated by the late Father Ermito Evangelista. Later on become Sitio San Juan

World War II came in the year 1941-1945. Due to fear, Sitio San Juan folks can’t do anything to make this place a progressive one. But in the year 1946, the first Tiniente del Barrio at Uddiawan was positioned in the person of Telesforo Espiritu. In Sitio San Juan it was Raymundo Sarmiento and the Vice Tiniente del Barrio was Manuel Compay, Sr.

In the year 1948, the late Arcadio Ordonio was elected as Vice tiniente del Barrio in Sitio San Juan. He was the one who was initiated to construct a small school with Nipa Roofings. The first teacher was Miss Micaela Perez.

In the year 1950, the late Clemente Ortiguero was elected as Vice Tiniente del Barrio. But this place didn’t progress due to insufficient funds from the Local Government. During that time, there were no roads connecting Uddiawan, Bintawan and even Mapaina.

After three years, there was an election again. Manuel Compay, Sr. was elected as Vice Tiniente del Barrio. He worked including his consejo rural as public servants without receiving any incentives. They worked hand in hand to put up roads going to nearby barangay. Then in 1968 there was again an election and Manuel Compay, Sr. was elected Barangay Captain, including six counselors. During this time there was a law called Barrio Charter which means that a place with more or less 500 people including adults, young people and children can be a barangay. The Barangay officials then worked for the papers of Sitio San Juan. Through the able guidance of Almighty God, it was a successful one, so it became Barangay San Juan.


Barangay Fiesta/Foundation Day: February 14


Development Thrust


BARANGAY SAN JUAN, a premier producer of quality farm products in the municipality of Solano with a God fearing, peaceful, progressive and healthy citizenry, enjoying quality education in a balance and safe environment, equipped with agricultural services and modern facilities through responsive and accountable governance.



The Barangay Council will keep at all times to be responsive to the needs of our constituents with full trust and confidence to continue to move on and fly to a greater heights.


List of Barangay Officials

JIMMY GAA SAMSON Punong Barangay
DANILO CORSINO MARQUEZ Sangguniang Barangay Member Chairman:

Committee on Infrastructure

GLORIA LIPOR CAMACHO Sangguniang Barangay Member Chairman:

Committee on Health and Sanitation, Women and Children.

ROLANDO MICO LOMBOY Sangguniang Barangay Member Chairman:

Committee on Community Affair

JOEL LICOS COMPAY Sangguniang Barangay Member Chairman:

Committee on Agriculture

ALEXANDER ALI ADALEM Sangguniang Barangay Member Chairman:

Committee on Finance and Appropriation

ROLAND PACIS SUMABAT, SR. Sangguniang Barangay Member Chairman:

Committee on Peace  and Order

NEOVELINA PRISCILA TACADENA ANTONIO Sangguniang Barangay Member Chairman:

Committee on Education, Cooperative


Committee on Youth and Sports

AHMED GARO ANCHETA Barangay Secretary President and Trainer, Association of Barangay Secretaries of Solano.

Hall of Famer, Most Outstanding Barangay Secretary of Nueva Vizcaya and Region 02.

LEONIDA IGLESIA VICENTE Barangay Treasurer Most Outstanding Barangay Treasurer of Nueva Vizcaya and Outstanding Barangay Treasurer of Region 02.