Municipality of Solano being the commercial town of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya, electricity plays an important role to sustain the growth and development of the municipality. The demand of electricity gradually increased due to increase in population and several investors going-in to the municipality. Shortage of power means deprivation of development.   The power supply in the municipality comes from the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) thru Luzon Grid and being distributed by the Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative with main office at Maharlika Highway at Brgy. Gabut, Dupax del Sur.

Table below shows that in urban barangays, there are 6,149 households served by electricity and 6,925 households in rural barangays a total of 13,074 households being served by electricity.  However, there are still households in rural barangays that do not have access to electricity with a total number of 433 households.

Table IF-13.  Households Served and Unserved by Electricity, Year 2017

Barangay Number of Households Served 2017
Served Unserved
A.       URBAN    
Osmeña 1,201 0
Pob. North 368 0
Pob. South 266 0
Roxas 1,126 0
Quezon 1,398 0
Quirino 1,790 0
Sub-total 6,149 0
B.      RURAL
Aggub 574 73
Bagahabag 725 0
Bangaan 270 0
Bangar 250 0
Bascaran 646 115
Communal 395 95
Concepcion 315 0
Curifang 831 13
Dadap 173 50
Lactawan 304 0
P.d. Galima 228 0
San Juan 329 51
San Luis 540 0
Tucal 250 9
Uddiawan 825 9
Wacal 270 18
Sub-total 6,925 433
TOTAL 13,074 433

Source: Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative

Note: Data served Consumers are those billed consumers for December 2017


One of the basic needs of man is water. Providing potable water to the municipality is one of the biggest challenges and major concern of the municipality. Most of the households of the Municipality are dependent on shallow tube wells thru a pitcher pump or jetmatic pump. But water in the urban area is no longer safe for drinking purposes because it is already contaminated with septic waste. As an alternate source of potable water, some household buy water from water refilling station.  The presence of water refilling station in the municipality is to supplement the increasing demand to potable water to the community.


The water supply system of the municipality is being served by the following:

Type of Water System No. of HH served Percentage
Shallow Well 8,985 67.14%
Deep Well 0 0%
Level II 165 1.23%
Level III 4,051 30.27%
Spring well, water refilling station and others 4,398 32.86%