Tourism Industry as a vibrant economic activity in the municipality of Solano is on the process of tapping the natural resources in spite of the absence of developed tourist destination.  As of this date, Solano’s tourist potential is limited only to man-made tourist facilities as evidenced by highway-based tourism services like the presence of Hotels, Inns and Lodging houses.  Some of these establishments are accredited by the Department of Tourism with complete amenities and facilities and are classified as third class type. Some foreign and local tourists alike preferred the municipality as their jump off point/stop-over in going to the famous Banaue Rice Terraces of the Province of Ifugao and other tourist destinations.

In order to strengthen the Tourism Industry in the Municipality of Solano; in 2008, the Sangguniang Bayan of Solano passed and approved an Ordinance enacting the Investment and Incentives Code (Code) of the Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. Its salient features include the declaration of investment priority such as “To attract and encourage investment in priority areas, such as agri-business, forest enterprises, light manufacturing, tourism, service enterprises and other activities that will significantly contribute to the socio-economic development of the municipality” and “To promote the active participation of non-government organizations and the private sector as partners and catalysts in achieving the development goals of the municipality.” The Code also provided for the preferred investment areas in terms of the following; as quoted herein: “ Eco-Tourism facilities such as but not limited to Business hotels/restaurants/fast food centers, mountain resorts, river view resorts, natural parks, transportation Services, farm resorts/sites, camp sites, zoological and Botanical parks/resorts”.

In 2011, the Sangguniang Bayan of Solano enacted an Ordinance declaring upland Barangay Communal and the Mt. Singian within the territorial jurisdictions of Barangays Aggub, Bascaran, Bangar, Concepcion, and Tucal as Eco-Tourism Zones. The Ordinance is in consonance with the Tourism Act of 2009.

Today, there are potential natural tourist attractions in which the municipality of Solano when fully developed may become an excellent tourist destination in Region 2 (Cagayan Valley).  One of the Eco-Tourism Zones as provided by the Ordinance is the Uddiawan/Communal Falls and the Majestic Pa-Id Falls both found at upper Barangay of Communal which is the ancestral domain of the Ayangan Tribe. Uddiawan/Communal Falls is approximately 12 kilometers away from the Poblacion which the length of the falls is measuring a height of 3 to 4 meters and a lagoon with an area of 100 square meters; while the Pa-Id Falls has a measuring height of falls of about 10 meters more or less and 200 square meters lagoon and is approximately 17 kilometers from Poblacion and about an hour and a half long hike. When these aforementioned falls will be fully developed, it can be used as swimming, fishing and picnic grounds. Only few huts are erected which are managed by the barangay. The areas are often visited by local tourists not only from Solano but from neighboring municipalities especially during summer and weekends to experience the cool and refreshing water falls. On the other hand, the water coming from the falls is also used to irrigate farms. The Put-Tot irrigation system at barangay Uddiawan whose source of water comes from barangay Communal is also being developed not only as a source for irrigation but also as a potential tourist site. Barangay Communal is also potential for hiking, trekking, spelunking and swimming in a sulfuric water pond.

The other Eco-Tourism Zone are the amazing and majestic Singian Mountain and the Bangaan Hills which has been a tourist destination for the mountain biking enthusiast, hikers and trekkers. The peak view is one of its potential sites in which when reaching the exact site, a breathtaking 360-degree view of the municipalities of the whole Solano, Bayombong, Bagabag, Quezon, and Villaverde would be added to the vast experiences of a would-be tourist. The Singian Mountain has been identified as a potential Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) and classified as Mixed Use Tourism Zone which allow a combination of some or all of the features of the following zone; to wit:

  1. Cultural Heritage Tourism Zone – areas that will allow the tourist to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories of the people living in the area, past or present.
  1. Health and Wellness Tourism Zone – areas that will allow visitors to avail of quality but affordable mainstream, traditional, or alternative healthcare services for treatment of illnesses and health problems in order to maintain one’s health and well-being.
  1. Eco-Tourism Zone – areas that will allow visitors to experience a form of sustainable tourism within a given natural and/or cultural area where community participation, conservation and management of biodiversity, respect for culture and indigenous knowledge systems and practices, environmental education and ethics as well as economic benefits are fostered and pursued for the enrichment of host communities and satisfaction of visitors.
  1. General Leisure Tourism Zone – areas that may offer recreational facilities that will have high visitor density.

Additionally, retirement communities and facilities duly accredited by the Philippine Retirement Authority may also be located in the Singian Mountain countryside. Soon, the municipality of Solano would invite investors to put up a “Solano Tower” at the top of the Singian Mountain, possibly with cable cars installed/set-up all around the mountain. These infrastructures will serve as a View Point and an Aerial Mobile View Deck, respectively for tourists to see primarily the vast rich agricultural landscape of the Municipality of Solano, a place that brought the Municipal Agricultural Personnel of the LGU into the National Hall of Fame Awardees in Rice Production. The Tower will also enable tourists to see the skylines of the aforementioned municipalities by night while enjoying the clean fresh air of the place, among other entertaining activities.  The construction of said infrastructures will propel economic enterprising ventures beyond imaginable proportions.

Solano, being the commercial hub of the province, caters also as support facility and stop-over for tourists bound to Banaue due to the listed amenities below:

1.       Jollibee- Solano 2.       McDonald- Solano
3.       KFC -Solano 4.       Mang Inasal
5.       Chowking 6.       Greenwich- Solano
7.       Magic Pan Restaurant 8.       Nena’s Restaurant
9.       Café Angelo and Restaurant 10.   Eden’s Catering Services & restaurant
11.   Ricanita’s Café & Cream 12.   Mercy Furigay Restaurant
13.   RLeah’s Pansitan 14.   Governor’s Garden Hotel & Rest.
15.   Kuya Sidney’s Pansitan 16.   TGIF Restaurant
17.   Hello Cafe 18.   Favorites Food Plaza
19.   Kaboodle Grill & Restaurant 20.   Highlander Restaurant
21.   Dodie Tan Lorenzo Bulalohan 22.   La Prinsesa Restaurant
23.   Lucky Chan Ihaw-Ihaw and Seafoods Station 24.   Cuisine Al Azar Restaurant
25.   Beans and Beers 26.   Tea Empire-Solano
27.   Marinurse2128 Bistro 28.   AboveSea Level Restaurant
29.   Going Sober and Tea 30.   Miguel’s Pansitan
31.   Tuguegarao’s Pansit Batil Patong 32.   Neneng’s Pansitan
33.   Nong Paul’s Pansit Man 34.   Kuya Tab’s Tapsihan
35.   Messy Kitchen 36.   Skylove Pansiteria




 1.      Dream Garden Hotel National Highway, Quezon
 2.      AM/PM Lodge – Main National Highway, Roxas
 3.      AM/PM Lodge – Annex Bonifacio St. cor. Espino St. Roxas
 4.      Solano Lodge National Highway, Quirino
 5.      Pine Ridge Hotel Aratal St, quirino
 6.      Red Palm Hotel Leyva St., Roxas
 7.      Shana Lodge Aratal St., quirino
 8.      Neptune Hotel Aratal St., Quirino
 9.      L & M Travellers Inn Aratal St., Quirino
10.      Jacinta Hotel and Resort Taggapan St., Quezon
11.      Higlander Hotel & Resort National Highway, Roxas
12.      Balai Gloria Resort & Café Angelo Washington St., Osmena
13.      Shiela’s Resort and Hotel Bintawan Road, San Luis
14.      JPG Lodging National Highway, Quezon
15.      JCEC Resort National Highway, Roxas
16.      Governor’s Garden Hotel & Restaurant Gaddang St., Pob. North
17.      Vizcaya Lodge Magsaysay t., Roxas
18.      Family Resort Inn Secondary Nat’l. Road, Bagahabag
19.      Yani’s Lodge Secondary National Road, Quirino
20.      24/7 Resort and Hotel National Highway, Quezon
21.      Meaco Hotel National Highway, Pob. South
22.      PLT Wellness and Mountain Hotel National Highway, Bascaran
23.      Banaue Lodge Magsaysay St., Quirino
24.      Hidden Valley Lodge Polloc, Roxas
25.      Karmela Lodge National Highway, Pob. North
26.      Kristine Travel Lodge National Huighway, Roxas
27.      La Prinsesa Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Polloc, Roxas
28.      NVAKMPCO Hotel and Restaurant Mabini St., Pob. South
29.      Sofie Lodge Mabini St., Quirino