Land transportation services in the municipality are readily available with the presence of public utility vehicles such as buses, public utility jeepneys, service utility vehicles and tricycles.

For long distance trips, particularly going to Metro Manila, commuters take the buses coming from Cagayan and Isabela Provinces.  Commuters going to Isabela and Cagayan Provinces take buses coming from Metro Manila.

For short trips, especially going to nearby towns there are service utility vehicles, jeepneys and tricycles plying in the municipality.

Some residents in rural barangays used hand tractors with carrier “Kuliglig” as their mode of transportation.  In order to save transportation fare for the family they used this motor vehicle to transport members of the family to public market during market days or to other places. As an additional transport is the electronic jeepney (e-Jeep) plying from this municipality to Bayombong and vise-versa.

Type of Transportation
1.       Regular PUV
2.       Truck for Hire
3.       Regular Private Vehicles
4.       Truck Bus Private
5.       Regular Cargo Trucks
6.       Regular Motorcycles
7.       Buses
8.       Tricycles
9.       Electronic Jeepney