The premier urban center of Region 02 in a globally competitive economy and balanced ecology with God-fearing and empowered Citizenry governed by dedicated and responsible leaders.



In pursuit of its Vision, the Municipal Government of Solano is tasked with the following mission:

  • To provide the community with peaceful, orderly and progressive environment;
  • To enhance its human resources as credible public servants instilling in them the values of professionalism, volunteerism, ethics and competence;
  • To balance the utilization of its financial resources with its goal of protecting the environment, food security, infrastructure and socio-economic development and its sustainability;
  • To encourage the active participation of non-government, civil society, & peoples’ organizations in delivering basic services and facilities.



  • Make the municipality as the commercial and financial hub of Nueva Vizcaya;
  • Implement strict zoning for the strategic arrangement of locations of future establishments within its territorial jurisdiction in accordance with the existing laws and ordinances;
  • Implement pertinent laws and ordinances with regard to the delivery of basic services and facilities;
  • Enhance the existing information communications technology and facilities that will make the municipality globally accessible.